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Doctors don't always play ball with lawyers.

We understand how to intermediate successfully.


The results you need, by the deadline you need them for.

We combine sensitivity and empathy for your client.

For a claimant in a PI case, the experience can often seem bewildering even humiliating. After suffering a serious injury, they can feel that their honesty and integrity are being questioned by hostile doctors and lawyers. This is something we're particularly aware of, at Medical Point. So while you look after your client’s legal interests, we take care of their route to wellness.

About our claimant experience

We select medical experts who combine objectivity with a sympathetic approach, as well as writing clear and accurate reports. Travelling to an appointment can be arduous for your client, so we’ll keep distances as short as we can. Our staff are efficient and they’re good communicators, keeping you and your client well informed about progress and they’re quick to respond to any enquiries at all stages of the process.


Our Philosophy

To reassure your clients about our claimant experience, we’ve prepared some online FAQs about what to expect. It’s not just about making sure they bring along three types of ID, fill in complicated forms, or how they’ll be charged for missed appointments. It’s about treating claimants as people, and explaining how we go about our business to help them get the medical evidence and treatment they need.

There are many ways we can help a lawyer bring the case for their client. In the end it comes down to being thorough and can-do.

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We work hard on your behalf to ensure the results you need when you need them.


We aim to turn around a complete medical report within 7 days from the appointment date.


We have a rigorous approach to making sure nothing gets left out.


Getting a patient onto a regular regime that will help them return to nomal.


Is it purely physical or is there an element of psychological injury?


Maybe it's a simple GP's report; or maybe it requires a specialist's input.

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