After the trauma of an accident, getting a patient onto a regular CBT regime can help them return to normal.




With the right support it's possible to make a gradual return to normality.

A road traffic accident can have repercussions far beyond the obvious physical damage. Over thirty percent of people who've been in an accident report psychological problems long after the event.

The psychological aftermath of a road accident sometimes involves having flashbacks, and waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats after dreaming about the incident. Some people respond to the event by feeling they're continually in a daze.

Sometimes even getting back into a car presents a significant difficulty.

It's not uncommon for victims to create strategies to avoid feelings and conversations associated with the accident, even though these may be intended to help.

At medical point we're familiar with these and know how to get the right doctors on the case. They often combine a mixture of psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and EMDR.

Securing a rigorous plan for rehabilitation is part of the work we help our lawyers do.